my next fact was about the fids i’ve had over the years–15 of them! right now, i’ll just focus on two of them, whom i call my “girls.” the older one is actually the 10th i’ve own. i don’t remember what lead me to her, but she was a timid one. she didn’t like my boys at all–never got along with them. i tried my best to get her accustomed to being held and tried to socialize her, but she was very clingy. the younger one was gifted to me a few years later. my sister’s husband’s sister-in-law’s half-brother and his wife had 11 of them, and another one had babies, so they were looking to give them away because there was just no room for any more. so i was supposed to take two of them. however, one died a week before they wanted me to pick them up. so i ended up with just one. she was tiny, but very excitable, and she was quite tame when we got her. she liked to squeeze herself into tiny spaces. i had only had her about a week when i went to texas for a conference, so my sister was babysitting them, and i got many frantic calls over the course of the week, with her freaking out that the little one is stuck somewhere! of course, she always got out, but yeah, she liked squeezing into small spaces. then when it came time for the two to reside together, man! the older one would attack her all the time! poor little baby would be climbing the walls trying to get away from the other’s evil claws. but they finally got along with each other, and now they snuggle up together whenever it’s cold. the older one taught the younger one how to be timid though! she’s no longer tame! bah. she’s very clever though. she figured out how to escape. she lets her and the other one out and they go romping all over the place. however, she’s scared enough though that when i find out, she always dashes back and lets herself back in. however, the older one? no way! she takes off and it’s a 3 hour chase to get her back in. man! they are sneaky little buggers! but still…my girls. they help a little to fill a big void in my life. my lovely fids. 🙂


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