i think if someone looked at me, and if they knew my sisters really well, they would not believe that i don’t really crave sweets. my sisters are both chocoholics. they are constantly eating sweets and snacks (yet their bodies never show it!), whereas i’m the opposite. i try very hard to watch what i eat, yet i look like the one who’s overindulging. genetics, i tell ya!

anyway, my next fact was that unlike my sisters, i do not crave chocolate and sweets. instead, i tend to like the more savory, salty things. when i crave, i crave potato chips. i crave corn nuts (and really, just to suck the outside powder off). i crave li hing mui. and of course, i crave beef. yum.

and yet, the funny thing is, i don’t like when food is so salty. i don’t know; it’s hard to explain. there’s a big difference to me between things that are supposed to be salty (potato chips, corn nuts, salted nuts), and just regular foods (like stew, chicken, soups). i grew up not having a lot of salt in my diet, because my mom couldn’t have salty things, so she never used it in cooking. what other people may think is bland and “needs more salt” is just fine for me. i never add salt to anything i make, nor what other people make, even though i may see them reach for the salt shaker to sprinkle some over their food. and sometimes when i go out to eat, the food is just too darn salty for me to swallow. i’m used to not having salt in my food, so even a little is just too much for me.

yet…i crave potato chips. granted, i always go for the “low salt” or “unsalted” version, because there are some that are just tooo salty. although at one time, i LOVED vinegar & salt chips. now it makes me pucker up, but at one time, that’s all i’d eat. late at night when i go foraging for food, and i see sweets around (like when i’m over at my sister’s or mom’s), i get sick to my stomach, and instead, my mouth is watering because i want something salty. although, now that i think about it, it’s not all salty things–i don’t like pretzels. hmmm. maybe what i crave is potatoes? starch?

which is true–i love potatoes, and i love pasta. i have to stay away from them, though. and i really do need to stay away from salt, as i have inherited my mom’s sensitivity to salt. but yeah, when i want to indulge–it’s not chocolate that i want. i want a big bag of crinkle cut chips. i want a baked potato. i want steak. i want nacho cheese corn nuts.

oh. and i’d also want ice cream. 😳 there goes all my theories out the door! ah well.


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