i am a big hypochondriac. anything i hear about, i am sure i have it. any sorta ache or pain i feel, i immediately look it up on the internet and am convinced that that’s what i’ve got.

of course, one day, it surely will happen. i’ll get one of those big 3: cancer or diabetes or have a heart attack/stroke. and i don’t want to think that oh, i’m not going to have it, because the one time i think that, then i WILL! that’s just the way life is for me.

i’ll get all freaked out. i’ll cry. i’ll have all these morbid thoughts. but that’s me. just suggest something and man, i’ll swear that’s what’s wrong with me. it’s neverending!

wow, three short paragraphs. unusual for me. hmm. i might be suffering from memory loss. or something.

it’s not a joke, and i don’t mean it to be funny. it’s just that i read about it, or know someone who recently gets diagnosed, and then i start worrying and get all worked up and then i turn everything on to me. i guess i’m so self-centered. but i do freak out big time. bleah.

well that was random fact #6. i know the heading for my next post! boooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng.


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