i can while hours away just surfing the internet. seriously. i could be out exercising or watching tv or cleaning the house or doing a crossword at the beach…but instead, i choose to spend a big part of my leisure time surfing.

i don’t set out to do that, of course. it could be that i have a plan in my mind on what i’m going to do, but then as i’m getting ready, a question will pop in my mind. i’ll go on the computer to find the answer. while reading about that answer, i’ll see something else that catches my attention. so i follow that link and read that page. and then something else will catch my attention. next thing you know, it’s three hours later and it’s too late to do whatever i set out to do. bleah.

this makes me a big bore to be around, though, i know. i would probably hole myself up in my room and never come out, i just get so lost in my fascination of learning new things. but no one wants to be around someone like that. and sadly, my son’s social skills has been suffering. i need to get out and break the habit…but how? this is just too tempting…

anyway that was #7. 18 more to go? bleah. i’d rather be surfing. 😉


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