oh my gosh. just saw a HUGE mosquito on my arm. HUGE! i just slapped it — and it hurt! like pokey — and i managed to kill it, leaving no blood smudge, so thankfully, it hasn’t bitten anyone else, but it did leave a drop of blood oozing out of the place where it poked. as i watched the drop grow bigger, i quickly got grossed out and went to wipe away the blood. left was a big crater in the skin, and blood soon refilled that area. geez louise! did the mosquito’s proboscis get stuck in my skin, allowing the blood to just seep out now, like an open needle, when we give blood? ewwww. i grabbed a tissue and applied pressure to the area. the crater has not filled again since, but ewww. i never got bitten by one so big that it left a dent in my skin, with the blood still oozing out without me scratching the bite! yikes.

i don’t even know how it got in here. this is my one haven where i don’t get bitten–we just don’t have many mosquitoes here where i live. there are tons at my workplace, and tons at my mom’s, but none here. so i’m thinking it must’ve hitched a ride from somewhere. but where? i’ve been home about 2 hours, and no bite all that time? weird. my son and i are such magnets to mosquitoes, you’d think one of us would’ve gotten bitten. but no blood smudge. i have no idea where it came from.

anyway, shuffled the list a bit so that this entry will tie in nicely with one that was a bit lower down on the list. wherever we go, we always get mosquito-bitten. we attract them like nothing! my son would get huge welts from bites. seriously! the doctor would have to cut them to drain out the pus, they would get so big and red. he still has a few scars on his legs from previous bites that had to be drained (that’s me and ants!). but we get bitten a lot, whereas others go mosquito-bite-free. not fair. “it’s because you’re sweet,” i’ve been told. “you’re so pale,” is another reason. really, though? it’s probably because we hardly move unlike others around us that have a hard time sitting still, so the mosquito never gets to land in a place long enough to start its sucking. or that somebody out there just *really* wants to annoy me!

has to be, right? 🙂


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