well, not a moral one. but one of pleasure.

my next fact is that my guilty pleasure is pokemon. i know that’s not a big secret. everyone who knows me knows i am obsessed with this game. it started with my nephew. he loved the cartoons, and i was over often, so would sit with him and watch the cartoon. each one would make me weep, i swear. so i decided i would try the video game. and i got hooked–i love rpgs, and here was a game where you go around with your cute little pokemon and choose what you want to do and where you want to go. next thing you know, i have every color of pokemon. i’m taking my nephew to the new pokemon movie at the theater on the day it opens. i tape every single episode. i’d sit on the couch with him, playing every single game in all platforms that came out that had pokemon in the title, with him by my side. i’d go to bk continuously when they were offering the toys. i had it bad.

but, of course, it was all under the guise of this is for my nephew. but what happened when my nephew outgrew it? i had to hide it, and i admit, it was hard. there’s a period of pokemon games where i’m not sure about much of the game–the new ones, the new cities, the new leaders… it’s kinda fuzzy.

until my son grew up and i got him addicted. yes, *i* got him addicted. 😳 on purpose. just so i’d have an excuse when i went to stand in line on the day a new game was released, or to one of the download parties where you could go get a rare pokemon. now i can buy the toys again. now i can watch the shows again (though i admit, i don’t like the new characters. give me back misty and brock!). but also because the other boys on his bus were talking a lot about pokemon, and i didn’t want him to feel left out. no, really. i mean, how would that be, if they’re all talking pokemon, but he can’t contribute other than “oh, my mom knows that…”?

i tried to interest him in the game first, but he didn’t care for it–but he did like the cartoons. then as more of his classmates started talking about the games and stuff, he got into it. but i was so protective of my old games. even though i didn’t play them for a while, there was no way i was going to erase them so that he could play!!! so i went to and bought a bunch of old copies for $8 or so. once he got the hang of it, he started to get really into the games, but is just like my nephew, where, every once in a while, they gotta come to me to help them out. 😀

what i’m worried about is when my son outgrows it.

then what will i do? 😥


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