hmm. some of my 25 could actually have been combined.

i’m gonna take a day off from that list because i am tired and feeling rotten. parent that was complaining had gone away for a bit but is back now. *sigh* i had a long talk with the kid, because seriously, i don’t know what the problem is. why is he doing this?

he confided that there were things happening at home. i guess he’s acting out. but still, ugh. i tried to get him to see that when he does this, *i’m* the one that gets it. he seems to think it’s him. and maybe it’s both of us. i don’t know. i feel bad for him, but at the same time, i’d like to wring his neck, because his behavior is what’s causing all of this.

when talking to the child’s k teacher, i found out that this parent’s actions are actually very consistent to how she behaved last year. this makes me feel a bit better, because it kinda shows me that it’s not only me. still. i feel like a big fool around her. i stutter a lot. i blank out. i just get so nervous around her, and it makes me look like a bigger idiot than i already am. i hate that.

so after the heart-to-heart with the boy, i let him go and decided not to call the parent. i didn’t feel like being defensive, not with my big headache i had all day. i’ll deal with this on monday. luckily, i didn’t assign anything he could’ve screwed up today, so monday should not be filled with more complaints.


people drive me nuts.


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