heehee, reminds me of the math program. but that’s not what i’m going to write about.

next on my list was my list of favorite tv shows, and i just realized they have to do with investigations. i guess i like those types of things where you need to figure out what’s going to happen from the clues given, and sometimes there’s even surprise endings where if you missed some sort of foreshadowing, you have no clue it’s coming. either that, or the writers specifically don’t give you the clues, so you will be surprised. 🙄

my favorite was the mole. i just loved the puzzle nature of it–not only the puzzles to win the missions, but also the puzzle of figuring out who among you is intentionally sabotaging the mission so you don’t win any money. and of course, there was the host, who was mr. hubbahubba. 🙂 it was a big disappointment that they decided not to air any more. boooo.

i also recently got into monk. he cracks me up because he is so ocd, and he reminds me a lot of my germaphobe sister and cousin. but in his quirkiness lies the ability to see things others overlook, and he is able to solve cases that way. love it! i haven’t seen any of the new ones, though–i think i only got up to season 3. so i don’t know how the rest played out. i think it just recently ended, in fact. i gotta catch up on those–maybe this summer. 🙂

i also like the law & order series (especially ci–another quirky, intelligent detective!) but what i like better about monk is that it doesn’t seem as gory as the l&os are, and how i’ve heard csi is (i’ve never got into those series of shows). monk wasn’t that graphic in showing the murders, which i like. though i’m very interested in those forensic science type shows, i don’t exactly want to *see* it. just explain it, thank you. use my auditory skills more than my visual, please.

i love documentaries about science, too. that fascinates me. i also like watching “how it’s made” and “unwrapped.” just that whole background knowledge and seeing how things are put together are things i just find so interesting. i’ve often stared at things and wondered how in the world…? so i like these shows that uncover the mysteries for me. 🙂


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