it’s funny how i do like those investigation-type shows, yet am a spoiler-fiend. i HAVE to know. i HAVE to read the endings of books before i start. i HAVE to search the forums to find out who got kicked off hours before the show even airs here. i HAVE to look up every spoiler possible so i know what parts to look out for, what parts to divert the eyes, and, most of all, any other clues that i totally would’ve missed if i had watched spoiler-free, because i’m not an eefp. i want to know what’s going to happen, so i can decide if it’s worth devoting time to, or just…because i HAVE to know. i don’t like to wait. i want to know right as soon as it finishes airing on the east coast. i just have to. i don’t know why. but it does seem to make the experience more enjoyable for me.

i’ve often said that i wish i knew how my relationships would’ve ended before starting them. would’ve saved me a whole lot of heartaches, i’ll tell ya.


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