i never complete things. i get started on something, and do it for a while, then abandon it after i find something else to do. there are so many unfinished projects around my house. i don’t know why i don’t see things through, as it’s a big waste of time (and money!). but i just get so fascinated by things and get all gung ho and buy lots of supplies, turn out maybe one or two cool projects, then make big plans about doing all these things for everyone…and i never do. bleah.

on an unrelated note, we had a field trip today, and though i was saving the seat by me for one of my naughty kids, one of my girls asked if she could sit with me. she’s very quiet, and she has a hard time expressing herself verbally–she speaks very haltingly, and in addition to that, she doesn’t enunciate fully. she rarely talks, so it surprised me when she asked to sit by me, so i let her. we drove past the beaches, where you can see all the tents. she cranes her neck to look out the window and


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