…is the word, is the word, is the word…

no, but when i was in high school and college, this was my number one choice to go on a vacation. i was really into greek mythology in high school, and i wanted to see the parthenon on the acropolis, the temple of zeus among the ruins of olympia, and the many museums and amphitheaters. i was so interested in its history, that i just wanted to go there and observe everything in person, and just be in awe of the beauty and hard work that went into building these places, and see how they’ve lasted all these years. to just absorb the atmosphere that bred plato, socrates, and aristotle, pythagoras, euclid, and archimides, aesop and homer, and those sculptors, of which i don’t remember any names. 😳 but, man. that was a pretty big fantasy of mine, to be able to go to greece and be among the gods, if you will.

after graduating from college, my then-bf, who was from england and had actually gone to greece several times, had proposed, and i was a bit leery, but he enticed me with the promise of staying in greece for the honeymoon, after marrying in england for his family, and here for mine. he knew where to go–although he knew all the party areas that he often went to, he knew that i was enraptured with the historical portions, so he started planning everything, and i admit, i was giddy. to go to this fantastic place with the person i loved? to walk, hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, among the museums, stealing kisses among the columns, imagining life back then, with aphrodite smiling down on us. it was such a wonderful dream.

alas, it was just a dream, which dissolved into a foggy haze. the only doric columns i got to see were the ones that now blocked my heart.

now, though? i don’t know. i really don’t think i could handle the long, long, LONG ride halfway around the world. i hated traveling to texas, only halfway through the u.s.! to have to do that twice, and then across the atlantic, and then some more … man. the thought does not sit well with me. which is a dumb excuse, i know. i could never be on the amazing race (though i’d love to!).

i don’t know. maybe i need to be in love again.


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