hmmm. my list is up already, save for two. a lot of my items could easily combine into the one above it. figures–i suck big time at making lists.

anyway today we did a lot of work at school with recycling and cleaning, so i decided afterwards to treat myself to lunch at boyd’s. they have the best poke there. yum! the fish is so tender. and, as most of my colleagues say, when you walk in, you can’t even smell the fish, as you can at other fish markets, signifying that the catches are fresh, and they do sell out quickly. yum.

we would go to boyd’s every friday. i can’t even remember the former name right now–but i remember when they changed it to “boyd’s” it was hard to get used to the new name. heh, but now, it’s just “boyd’s.” anyway, we used to go every friday. i was in a curriculum position at the time, so i was able to take a longer lunch period, so i would go around and take everyone’s orders, and then go pick it up, and have it ready for everyone by the time lunch rolled around. i always ordered the same thing — 1/4 lb of shoyu poke. i’d be in absolute heaven every time i let the morsel slide between my lips and onto my tongue–so soft. mmmm.

but when my position changed back into the classroom, i didn’t have the luxury of a nice lunch break, so i couldn’t make the boyd’s friday run any more. but it really didn’t matter to me, because right around then, i was pregnant, and i was not allowed to eat fish (especially raw fish!) at all. so through that time, plus the year and a half afterwards while i was breastfeeding, i didn’t eat fish, and when i was finally ready to eat fish again, i had eagerly devoured some down, only to find out that they now gave my stomach awful cramps! it shocked me that in the two years that i stopped eating fish, something happened where now i couldn’t stomach it any more–even canned tuna would give me cramps! it was so weird! i had to slowly reintroduce it back, and deal with the cramps, because my doctor, too, at the time, said i needed more fish oil in my diet, so i would limit my fish to cooked fish, just in case, every other week. then, of course, they had the sewage dumping into the ocean by our lovely mayor, so i refused to eat any fish. (i also refused to go to the beach during this time. bleah.)

but just this year, i decided, it’s time again. i’d pick up some for parties, but only had a piece or two, and that was it. i haven’t had a lunch of it for a long, long time. and of course, now, it’s an issue with money. i just can’t afford to eat out often–most of our meals are peanut butter sandwiches. but every once in a while, i’ll “splurge.” and today, i thought, well, just a small 1/4 pound is not going to hurt me–right?

so far, so good. tummy seems settled. it was a lot more salty than i remember it, but i think it’s just because over the years i’ve become more sensitive to salt. but the fish texture was just so heavenly. that hasn’t changed at all. yum.

well, we’ll see if i’m up all night! hopefully not!


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