if there’s one thing that makes me shudder, it’s bruises. just seeing the green and yellow and purple…ewwww. *majorshudder* i wince whenever i see bruises (and my sister bruises easily with her condition, so she delights in showing me her bruises just to gross me out). i mean to think that under the skin is all that blood turning blue and yellow and brown … *heebiejeebies*

i’ve had two real big ones in my lifetime–so big that it lasted for days and was very tender to the touch. i gagged every time i saw it yet had the mild curiosity to keep pushing at it. the first one was on my outer left thigh, and covered nearly the whole thing. i was playing on the swings that thing we used to play as kids–sit in the swings and then stretch all the way to the outer corner before running toward the other person who had gone to the opposite corner, and then jump up in the seat while swinging your body towards the other person–causing the two swings to intersect and twirl around each other. then you’d ride it out as the swings untwisted, sending you spinning in circles back to your side of the swing set. well, i was doing this with a friend when my friend was a bit too late, so we missed connecting in the middle–which sent me careening into the pole of the swing set. i twisted my body enough that my thigh got the brunt of the impact. but man, what a huge bruise it left! i had difficulty walking, much less dancing hula! and i couldn’t sit cross-legged on the ground, like we had to do in school. at that time, we all loved wearing dove shorts, but if i did, my huge bruise was out there for all to see, and believe me, it was a gross myriad of colors, so i had to refrain from those shorts for about a week. at home, i’d stare at it, both intrigued and horrified at the same time. gross! but kinda cool.

the second one i got, i was much older. i won’t go into the details for that one because ahem. that would be too much information. but i got it on the outer part of my arm, from my shoulder down to my elbow–that whole area was just one gigantic bruise. ewwwww. *shudder* that one was very sore. i still remember a colleague had kinda nudged me in my arm and i yelped in pain. everyone on the table turned and looked, wondering why i was being so overdramatic. so i lifted up the sleeve of my dress, and showed them the brownish-yellowing-squicky-looking bruise on my arm. you should’ve seen all their jaws drop! then they all started teasing the one who nudged me, saying gee! stay away from me! look, you’re abusing her! etc etc etc. but man, that was a big one. and it lasted for over a week. gross, gross, gross.

😀 why am i talking about this? i had to get a blood test this morning before work, and the phlebotomist had a hard time finding my vein. they actually all do. when i was hospitalized, they couldn’t find it at the crook of my elbow, nor at my wrist, so they had to put the iv in through the back of my hand — most painful thing that lasted weeks after i was discharged! i had to wear a brace so i wouldn’t move that hand because it hurt so much. anyway, this morning, she really had to dig around in there, as she said my vein was rolling around. eww. so she had to withdraw the needle and pierce me again a bit further down. ewww.

so i know what’s going to be there when i wake up tomorrow morning–a nice big bruise. bleah.


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