my mom surprised us with a gift, splitting her savings, as she fears the end is soon. i don’t want to accept it–as much as i *really* could use it, i don’t want to accept it. i don’t want it to mean that. but she did write us checks with letters about how she’s grateful for us and the grandchildren. of course, it made me sob like heck. i’ll probably just file it away and wait for the state’s durn delayed refund. so unfair they can delay our $ but we would get fined if *we* are late paying. but anyway…i don’t want to think about finality right now. so that will go tucked away.

i am also grateful that my son’s school awarded him financial aid to cover his summer school this year. that was a big relief! now that he’s older, he can pick all the fun stuff like computers and science (yes, he’s a nerd) but it costs more. he chose to go a full day, so it was even more $! but they funded the whole thing. BIG relief there! phew!

and the last thing is for my alma mater. this always happens when i’m up there, but i am just grateful. which is what i wrote about yesterday before wp ate it. i wonder if it’ll eat this one? hmm.

we’ll see. 🙂


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