daily prompts

forgive me. i’m bored, and i need to tone my writing muscles.

nablopomo‘s been putting up daily prompts. i thought i’d try them out.

today’s prompt:
Thursday, July 1, 2010
What’s your favorite movie?

my gosh. it’s july already.

anyway, i have a difficult time choosing a favorite movie. i don’t watch movies that often. they are so expensive to see them at the theater, and it’s been a tight year financially. i also don’t have a television that works, so i don’t watch any dvds. i can’t even remember the last movie i saw! therefore, i have to dredge up movies from the past.

we had quite the video collection growing up. my dad, along with his huge collection of records, also collected videos. we had shelves and shelves of vhs tapes. my sisters and i would watch at least 1 a day, sometimes up to 3 on weekends. for a while, like several months, the movie we’d watch every single day was grease. *every*single*day*. we all know the dialogue by heart. and i’m not sure why we liked it–i mean, we surely didn’t get any of the innuendo of the movie (which i was shocked there was a lot of, having watched it a couple of years ago!). growing up in a household with a lot of music (see dad’s aforementioned music collection), we loved music, so i can see how that was a big draw for us. those songs were catchy and fun to sing and dance along with. i could also see it being a big draw for the love story. i mean, yeah, we were young, and it seemed all very “innocent” to us. i know, it totally wasn’t, but for kids who didn’t get all that, it was innocent–no sex-filled scenes, no nudity or swearing–just holding hands and kissing. it was a boy and a girl who liked each other, but can’t be with each other, and then, in the end, they are. and they go riding off into the sunset. or something. 😛 but it was perfect for preteens’ fantasies. don’t we all wish we had a love like that? *sigh* not to mention, john travolta was pretty dreamy–such beautiful blue eyes. so i guess it was a combo of the two (music and love) that made us want to watch it day after day after day. but more than the movie itself, i think what i enjoyed was the three of us hanging out together, quoting dialogue and getting up to dance and sing. that’s something that’ll stick with me for a long time.

another one we’d watch a lot is goonies. that was just a funny movie. my sisters and i can quote this movie, too, and we did, once when we were showing the movie to the next generation. i liked the different personalities of the misfits, all trying to save the town they love. they meshed well together and were just very funny. it was also such a feel-good movie. the ones that were bullied won at the end! whether it was the goonies or sloth, they ended up being the heroes, and the bad guys lost. hooray! i happened to catch it one day on network tv, and was surprised at some of the scenes that were in there that weren’t in the original movie. oh, so that’s where the octopus was, from the music video! after seeing that, i wanted to see other movies on network tv, to see the parts that were cut out from the original movie! i guess that’s what dvds are for now, though.

the third movie i always respond with when asked this question is ghost. i saw this as a teenager, with my friends, at the movie theater, and cried my eyes out. i thought it was such a beautiful story, and again, as a teen, i loved the story about how love can even go beyond the living and into the afterlife. there was also no sex or nudity or swearing, so, again, “innocent.” but it was scary, and there was a gruesome scene to it, which i always have to look away, even to this day. ugh. but i loved the whole part when sam is looking out for molly, and then she finally believes that he is there, watching over her. and of course, just when it got too intense, there was oda mae brown to provide some comic relief. 🙂

i know i haven’t seen a lot–although my dad did have a lot of videos, we always stuck to the same 5 or so. and especially since i’ve moved out, i don’t have access to those movies to be able to watch what i want whenever i want. i’m sure there are a few gems out there that i’ve missed. maybe i’ll start a list, and the next time i’m over i’ll see if i can borrow a few of them, at least until vacation ends (i know i won’t have any time after that!). then maybe i won’t be so bored that i’m writing here. (sorry!) 😛


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