new earworm, please!

i still can’t get that song from yesterday out of my head! it’s driving me nuts. i ended up buying the song and playing it over and over and over…which i guess didn’t help.

so i put another song that could not escape my head that last month of school–so much so, that whenever one of my kids would say something that happened to be in the lyric, i would start singing it! and they’d look at me like 😕 that’s when i really felt like i was too old trying to be too young. :/ and my nephew was watching glee last night while i was there so i tried to get *that* song in my head, but i can’t do it now! i still go back to the old one!

la la la la la la la la …

i’m now going through my whole library trying to find something…anything…before i go crazy!


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