prompt #10

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Everybody needs a pat on the back now and then. Thank yourself for something you’re proud of having done recently, and then tell us about it.

well, this wasn’t done recently–it was early june–but we really worked on the house. i cleared out the entire kitchen of old cans of food, unusable pans, and all the recycled goods. i’m so happy that it’s now spotless and a lot less cluttered.

i also cleared out the back lanai. i had baby clothes, baby toys, a stroller, a car seat, and various play toys (several rideable cars, motorcycles, and a tricycle) all piling up there “just in case.” well, sadly, i realize i’ll never have another (well, it was more that it was a problem with the building across that had problems with its pipes that kicked me into action–i was afraid they’ll have to come into my lanai to investigate the pipes, so that made me want to clear it out more than the baby thing), and i packed up all of that and donated it to charity. so now my lanai is spotless, as well.

we went through all of my son’s clothes–he really sprouted in the last couple of months, so a lot of his shirts, while they fit his body, were too short. he really did not want to give them up–he loved those shirts! but i had to convince him to give them all away because they looked like girl shirts, exposing the midriff like that. luckily, we just inherited a bunch of clothes from my nephew, so his empty clothes drawers are now full again with bigger, longer shirts and shorts. so that’s done, as well.

so now my house is pretty presentable! 🙂 at least, i’m not afraid now if the manager has to come in, to let him in. well, i am, because of the pets, but not because i’m ashamed of what the house looks like! all i need now is my front lanai to be cleared out of the junks that have accumulated as i’ve been cleaning, but i can’t throw them in the rubbish bins–i have to take them to the dump. only thing is i’m not allowed to lift much, and i have a tiny car, so i don’t think i could do it myself. i’m thinking of putting in a craigslist ad for someone with a truck to come and haul all my things away to the dump for me. then i’ll be happy with the house until the packrat emerges its unruly head again!


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