prompt #14

my last week! *sob*

Monday, July 19, 2010
Do you use anything to alter your consciousness, like alcohol or drugs? Why, or why not?

no. why would i want to do that? the last thing i need is to be out of control of my body. i want to be aware of what’s happening around me. i don’t want to lose consciousness.

sometimes i wonder if i need prescription drugs when i get depressed. i guess that’s a sort of altering of your consciousness. but i don’t know; i don’t think i could do that. sometimes i think it would help just to talk about it. it’s hard, though, when your only options are people online who don’t care how you’re feeling, or people whom you don’t want to know what’s going on, because they have bigger things to worry about. i try to remember that all my perceived problems are petty in relation to others’, and it seems to help. 😛

but other than that? i don’t think i could. i just fear what would happen if i do.


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