prompt #15

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
What’s the best argument you’ve ever heard for being vegetarian?

best, as in funniest? or best, as in, i better convert?

i really don’t know. i’ve read about slaughterhouses, and that was enough to turn me away–but i got a bad case of the shakes and just felt so weak. it was like nothing could sate me but meat. i don’t know if it’s all in the mind or what, but i honestly tried, and failed. but then my mom’s the same way. without meat, she gets the shakes, too. so would it be entirely psychological then? i don’t know. but reading about it was a good deterrent for a little while. i’m sure seeing gruesome pictures which also turn me. but what can i do to cure the shakes? as much as i love tofu, some times nothing satisfies like a good ol’ hamburger. i don’t know.

i won’t say what i’m craving right now. 😳


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