i don’t know what it is about today but i am just so sleepy. i woke up fine, got ready to go in to work, and as i’m driving there, i get two piercing pains in my head in the span of a minute. of course, i freak out, turn around and come back home–only to feel fine. but then i fall asleep. and i wake up a couple of hours later. the plan was to meet the family at a nearby resort on the way back from work, but since i didn’t go in, i decided just to drive straight there. i get turned away at the gate because they’re full, so i come back home…and sleep again. a couple hours later, i am awakened by a txt from my sister, so i go out to meet them to pick up my son–then come back in and sleep for a couple hours again. i awaken to do my journal updatings, and i fall asleep again. and i keep doing that. why am i so sleepy? i did nothing that would’ve made me too exhausted. we were out for a bit in the hot sun yesterday, but i got to take a nap, which did keep me up later than normal at night. still, i need to break out of this as i have to get back to the workmode routine again in a couple of days. i don’t know whether to spend my last day tomorrow just sleeping all the sleep out of me, or going out to tire myself out so i can sleep early and through the night to be ready for the first day back. i just know that i keep falling asleep while trying to update these things, and that’s just going to keep me up all night tonight! my body just doesn’t know what’s good for it!


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