prompt #19

Monday, July 26, 2010
What’s your most important personal goal for the next year of your life?

my goal will be hard, because once i start work tomorrow, i won’t know where to fit it in. but i want to keep up with the workouts and eating healthy. it’s just so difficult though when you’ve only got 10 minutes for lunch because they scheduled a meeting during your lunchtime–so much easier to pop in a hot pocket and eat it on the way to the meeting, than to sit down and have a nice salad with roast chicken. and i don’t know how i’m going to fit the workouts in. by the time i get home, i’m just so exhausted, i won’t have the energy to do my hour-long-plus workout. but i need to stop making excuses and think, if i *really* want this, then i have to do it. it’ll definitely be difficult, though.

i’ll also try not to suck. i think i already failed on that one, though.


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