prompt #22

Thursday, July 29, 2010
Describe your day for someone from another planet.

a typical week day usually starts with a steady beeping that soon gets quieted, but will go off again in another 9 minutes. this is so i wake up on time, otherwise i’ll just sleep the day away. i get up and empty my body of waste products, then brush the scum that grew on my teeth overnight off. then i go to wake up the offspring. i go back and figure out how i’m going to adorn myself. hopefully, though, i did this the night before so that it doesn’t take me all morning. i adorn myself and brush out my hair, and then usually have to go check that the offspring really did wake up and is getting ready. if not, panicked yelling does the trick. i then go into the room we use to cook, and i pick out from the box where we store our energy two energy bars–one for the morning, and one for the midday. i say good morning to the animals and make sure they have enough energy themselves, while simultaneously calling out to offspring to make sure he is still getting ready. then i wait at the entranceway until he emerges, and we load up into the vehicle. i maneuver the vehicle to an area where the offspring’s vehicle awaits to take him to his place of learning. after that vehicle leaves, i maneuver mine to my place of work, which is another place of learning, not unlike the one my offspring attends, just with less money and resources, and things such as machines that cool the temperature of some of the stuffiest boxes in the hottest areas of the island. offspring is very lucky, because the ones i work with suffer in the heat.

after parking the vehicle, i walk into the main building and initial next to my name to show that hey, i made it to another wonderful day at the job. i check my box to see if i have any messages or correspondence, and then i walk to my box where i work. i go around and illuminate the room, open the ventilation slits, and check the various machinery for electronic correspondence. i heat up one energy bar and consume it before i get ready for the day, which may include duplicating, drawing, labeling, printing, or other various activities. when i start to hear the chatter outside the box, i open it up and allow the clients to file in and get settled. some want to get started right away, and others want to sit around and chat for a while. then a sound rings through the air, followed by a stampede coming down the hallway as the clients try to make it to their correct box on time. the rest of the day consists of doling out information, either visually, auditorially, or kinesthetically. most of the information gets repeated over and over and over and over. you pray the data goes in and stays in there for a while and gets processed instead of streaming back out. i have a short period halfway through where i get to consume my other bar of energy and eliminate any waste, but that’s it, just that one time for the whole day. then the sound rings again to tell us to release the clients back to their parental units. sometimes those parental units complain a lot about things during this time. i also am usually dashing to the smaller room down the hall to relieve the waste that has been building up all afternoon, so i rarely consume any liquids for fear of not being able to hold it the whole time. then the rest of the day consists of more preparation for the next day–more duplicating, drawing, labeling, and printing, as well as articulating with coworkers about how to go about a certain lesson, and sometimes even a planning meeting with parental units on what to do to help a client the best. then it’s back into the vehicle to return to the area where offspring’s vehicle will return. after offspring gets into the vehicle, we go back home where i usually heat up more energy for the two of us, while he finishes his work from his place of learning as well as do his chores. then we consume said energy and usually read (we used to watch a big box of visual entertainment, but that has broken) or i hang out communicating with myself on the mini machinery. we then settle ourselves into our energy-saving mode where cuts heal and muscle aches are repaired and beautiful imagery plays before our closed orbs.

we repeat this all again when woken up hours later by the steady beeping again. *sigh*

that is just one glorious day in the life of me.


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