i’m getting to the point of the year where i’m feeling like i can’t do this much longer. i always start off good and then i think well, this is going rather well, and then i get hit. one parent has already filed an official complaint. i got another letter today questioning me in a very sassy manner. not, what can i do to help, but what are YOU going to do about it. i really hate this because i get down and then i don’t want to do this any more which is not a good attitude to have with the kids. i have a great bunch this year while not the brightest, they are very well-behaved and they take to new things that i want to try out well. in fact, some of my kids last year who always come out and hang out in my room during recess, even when my current kids are there, commented on how quiet and hard-working my kids were. “wow,” remarked one. “they’re better than us, huh?” so because of that, plus with the great new tool i have in my room, i should be able to take these kids far. but i’m not. and parents are calling me out on it. and i get more down and then i don’t want to continue and then what happens with the kids? i don’t know. it’s something i reflect on each night.

well, i still don’t know what to do with this month. i really do *not* want to turn this into a rant blog though i’ve got so many things to rant on. but i have to get this out quickly before another intermittent outage comes on and i can’t post anything. which you’d think would be good…

anyway. still pondering.


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