i got ready for work, dropped the boy off, and went to get gas. when i came to the part of the road where i turn left to get on the freeway, or right to go back home, i don’t know why–something told me, go home. i did, expecting to just run to the bathroom or something. but after using the bathroom, something just felt wrong. so i called in sick and worked on lesson plans. after faxing them in, i lay down–and crashed.

when i woke up 4 hours later, i was totally stuffed up, my head was pounding with so much sinus pressure, and i just felt so weak and bleah. how in the world? i spent the rest of the day in bed, sleeping off and on, wiping up the sniffles, and trying to soothe my itchy eyes. when it came time to pick up the boy, i could barely walk with the pressure i could feel within my forehead and eye sockets. still i drove (???) and got a coldbuster to hopefully help combat this sinus infection.

gosh, it just blew my mind how my body just knew. what if i took that left turn into work instead? believe me, i struggled with that. i knew i had to go to work. yet, something told me to go home. and then look what happened! i don’t know if i would have been able to drive home if all of that had come upon me while at work. but did it only come upon me because i slept? would it have just been another day as usual until i woke up tomorrow morning with all the things i had when i woke up 4 hours later? because i thought i was okay this morning, getting dressed. and bam! it was just weird. i’m glad i for once listened to that nagging voice, and got to come home and get some rest to hopefully combat whatever it is that is going on within my sinus cavity. hopefully it won’t keep me out of commission for too long, especially since i know i’ll have parent complaints from today because i wasn’t there for tutoring. but i have to take care of myself first. at least, that’s what i have to tell myself…


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