oh wa oh wa oh oh oh oh

maybe it’s been on my mind too much, this week of their launch of their greatest hits album. but this was a conversation i had today:

*strange buzzing coming from my purse*

me *answering phone*: hello?

boy: hi. we’re halfway there.

me *rocking*: oh OH! livin’ on a prayer!!!

boy: *silence*

me: hello?

boy: yeah. okay. bye. *beep beep*

oh well. you live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got. 😛

that totally put me in the mood though and i didn’t even listen to my normal friday ritual song, because i was just playing the greatest hits. 🙂 i kept thinking about the times i would take out my sheet music and rock this song on the violin. ah. those were the days.

i feel 16 again. 🙂 thanks, bj. didn’t think i could.

take my hand, and we’ll make it, i swear, oh, OH!


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