prompt #1

Friday, July 1, 2011
Where would you love to go swimming?

I do not swim very well, so I’d like to stick to swimming pools where rough currents can’t pull me out. Yet, marine creatures fascinate me. I’d love to see dolphins or go to Jellyfish Lake or swim with the turtles. I had a very interesting talk with a docent at the aquarium about sharks that made me hungry to learn more, to observe them, to find out what makes them tick. I guess it wouldn’t really be where I’d love to go swimming–I’d like to be able to just sit and stare, as I can do in aquariums without worrying about lack of oxygen or stinging nematocysts or the sharp teeth of an annoyed ocean-dweller. So I guess I didn’t answer the question. Again.

Alright. I would love to go swimming in the pool of my very rich lover. 😀


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