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Thursday, September 1, 2011
What magical creature would you love to meet?

Yes, I was one of those girls that was all fairies and unicorns. Well, not fairies. I can’t stand them, really. But I loved unicorns and pegasuses (all right, yes, there was only one winged-horse, and Pegasus was its name, but can you imagine a whole … herd? flock? of them? coolness!). More so Pegasus than a unicorn, but of all the things aimed at little girls, it was the sparkly, glittery unicorn that was on more things (portfolios, book covers, posters, t-shirts, etc.). I don’t suppose Pegasus was really known much until Clash of the Titans. I remember being at awe at that winged-horse, even though I knew it was fake. And I’m sure my love of Pegasus came way before seeing Clash of the Titans. But does Pegasus count as a magical creature? Or is it more mythical? Or are they the same?

I actually don’t know much about the folklore of the unicorn–just that it was always portrayed in this shining light, with glitter and sparkles, so bright and airy. Always on its hind legs, rearing up in the moonlight, or seated in a misty meadow, with sometimes, a young maiden nearby. It probably looked nothing like the magnificent creatures in all those posters and stuff–it probably was like a hairy goat or ox or something. Still, I was a little girl who fell in love with the image of this beautiful white horse, with a long flowing mane, braided tail, and a shiny, spiraled horn. Was it supposed to be magic? I have no idea! They just looked so beautiful to me. And then when I saw the ones with the wings, that were able to fly? My goodness! They became my obsession!

I’m not sure if I have answered the question–are unicorns mythical, too? Well, okay…maybe third time’s charm. I loved genies. Of course, because of I Dream of Jeannie. I would coil my long hair like hers and I had a lavender chiffon scarf that I would wear, covering my face from the eyes down. I would copy the way she held her hands and moved her head at the neck, back and forth. Hmm, is that Egyptian? Who knew I was ahead of the times? But I liked to blink and pretend all my troubles were taken away. Messy room? *blink* all clean! Kid harassing me? *blink* all gone! Wanting to travel? *blink* I’m there. I swear, I fantasized so much about being able to do that! It was much easier than the nose twitch, too! 😀

It wasn’t until Aladdin that I thought about genies in a different way. I began to think of gosh, what would I wish for, if I had but 3 wishes? Of course, there were the material things I wanted, the physical changes that I wanted…but hearing stories like “The Monkey’s Paw” and in some ways, “The Gift of the Magi,” made me realize that sometimes it’s best to not change things and let it run its course. But still, it’s fun to imagine. Plus, you can always use the third wish to get 3 more wishes. 😉


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