return to childhood

Monday, September 12, 2011
Write about your childhood bedroom.

My bedroom was quite tiny, and there were three of us that had to share the room. My bed was in the corner, with my sister’s crib pushed up against the open side of the bed. Then there was the dresser next to the crib, and then the window, a little walkspace, and then my other sister’s bed pushed into the corner diagonal from mine. Then the door! There was really only enough room to walk to the dresser by the window. We mostly were confined to our beds when we were in our room, because there was no place to play. Didn’t matter though–I mostly read all the time, or I wrote stories. It didn’t bother me. Not like the monkey of a sister I had, who always was so active and had to climb things and crawl on things and whatnot. Probably why she now has the biggest house among all of us! (Well, that, and they have a lot of money!)

Since my bed was along one wall, I always decorated that wall with my drawings. I was always hanging things up on that wall–sometimes even birthday cards I’d receive. As I grew older, it started to turn to posters from the latest teen idol magazines. My bedsheets were yellow with daisies all over it. I had a Raspberry Tart pillow that I loved dearly. I also had my dolls–my Raggedy Ann, which I treasured, and my Bugs Bunny doll, which I got comfort from for some odd reason!

Again, my sister’s crib was pushed up against the other side of my bed. I always would like to stick my hand through the bars and hold her hand and fall asleep that way. I still like to do that now–not with my sister, but with my son. For some reason, since he was a baby, and even ’til now, if he’s on the same bed with me, I have to hold his hand, even though he’s asleep. But that’s the same way I was with my sister. I had to hold her hand while she was asleep, and it would make me fall asleep, too. More connected? More safe? More comforted? I don’t know. All, perhaps.

When I was ten, we moved from the tiny two-bedroom apartment to the four-bedroom townhouse my mom is still in today. I got my own room, and I LOVED it. Not because of my sisters and the close quarters, but because of how I could decorate it! More wall space! haha!

Now the room is a storage room at my mom’s house–filled with books, videos, games, and crafts (all my sister’s stuff). Again, there is only a small walkway as you weave through it to find what you’re looking for! Ah … the apple does not fall far from the tree …


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