not returning books?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Have you ever kept a book from the library instead of returning it, paying the missing fee just so you could keep it?

No, but this brings up a sore point for me. I was sent an “overdue” notice from the library for a book that I had never borrowed–it was an unauthorized biography on a singer I can’t stand, and there’s absolutely no way I would’ve wanted to read this autobiography, much less borrow it. I thought it was a mistake, and I ignored the overdue notice. Well, a year later, they have this collection agency on my heels because I never returned the book. I kept telling them, but I never borrowed that book! I can’t stand that singer! But it’s under your card, I was told. BUT I HATE THIS PERSON! I WOULDN’T CARE ONE IOTA ABOUT THIS PERSON’S LIFE STORY!!!!! I kept repeating to them, only to be told, it’s under your card. Soon the collection agency was threatening to take me to court since I wasn’t paying for the book, which was now the cost of the book if I were to buy it at the book store, plus interest. So, grudgingly, to avoid going to court, I paid for the stupid book, one I never would have read about a person I didn’t like at all! SOOO irritating!

So, no, I never did it. But the people at the library thought I did!!!! GRRRRRRRR.

It just makes me so angry that I don’t even have that book to show for the money I had to shell out for it. And even if I DID, I wouldn’t have wanted to read it in the first place!!!!!!! 😡


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