return to youth

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
What point in time would you like to return to and live again?

There are many times I would like to go and relive–just not the present! 😛

Or that time…however many years ago…the year that left its biggest scar.

I think I would like to return to a time 2 years prior to that–the year I was pregnant and experienced the birth of my baby, and was a mommy (FINALLY!). I had been waiting for that moment since I was a little girl, to be a mommy. It took a while, and it was a bumpy journey, but I *FINALLY* got it, and I just loved every moment of it. I never once complained about aches or swollenness or sickness. There was a period where it got scary, where my life was in danger–but since I now know I lived through it, I don’t think it will be scary to relive it. 🙂 And then just those first few weeks alone with baby, bonding, was something that I thoroughly enjoyed. So I started off that year–the first weekend of that year–finding out I was pregnant, and ended with baby’s first Christmas, and it was just a lovely, lovely year, that I wouldn’t mind returning to and reliving. 🙂


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