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made it. well, almost. but this is the last entry, even if it won’t be much. 🙂

happy to have won a prize (even though they have ignored my claims), and had fun with the songs. if there’s no other theme later on that i’d want to tackle, see you all next year–same time, same place. 😉


discord and rhyme

argh. so mad. i did a 300-question meme on my other blog. thought i’d whip that one out since it’s the 2nd to the last day of nablopomo. and what happens?!??!!?

when i finally finish the darn thing, i press publish, like always. it takes a long time to load the next page, and i notice on the bottom of the page that it says “you have been logged out.” that’s weird–i’ve never ever had that happen to me before? anyway the page finishes loading, and it brings me back into the login screen. okay, fine. so i login again–and my post is gone!!! all 300 questions and answers are gone, gone, GONE!!! you have got to be kidding me!!!!!! arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh.

so i’m singing this song to calm me down. i know it’s not an angry song (more lustful), but i associate it with anger since when it came out i didn’t know what lust was. so grrrrr.

“in touch with the ground / i’m on the hunt i’m after you / i smell like i sound / i’m lost and i’m found / strut on a line / its discord and rhyme / i howl and i whine i’m after you / mouth is alive with juices like wine / we’re burning the ground / i break from the crowd / i’m on the hunt i’m after you…”

you’re too school for cool

argh. dramas again at work. and i know i was the one who started it. but i got fed up with everything and how no one wants to help out, yet they complain when nothing gets done. so i expressed my frustrations with someone, who then forwarded it to the whole department and … geez. now all of these people are whispering and getting all defensive and stuff and i have had enough. seriously. bleah.

so i just had to get lost in my “losers unite!” song. 🙂

“so if you’re you’re too school for cool / and you’re treated like a fool / you can choose to let it go / we can always party on our own / so raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways / all my underdogs…”

take me by the tongue

so many things i wanted to do today but got sidetracked when i promised someone something. sigh. so instead of getting out there i did my promise, then came home, and fell asleep. what the heck is up with me and sleep this weekend? have i really not been getting enough lately? or am i coming down with a cold? or some other illness? i hope not.

anyway this song was on the radio and i have not been able to get it out of my head since.

“take me by the tongue and i’ll know you / kiss me ’til you’re drunk and i’ll show you / i don’t need to try to control you / look into my eyes and i’ll own you…”

all grown up but I’m the same

watching home alone 2 with mom, son, and nieces. ah. nothing like a tear-inducing holiday film to bring the family together. 🙂

“I’m all grown up but I’m the same, you’ll see / I’m writing this letter ’cause I still believe / dear Santa, I’ve been good this year / can’t you stay a little while with me right here”

somebody thought of that and someone believed it

my sister was crazy enough to go black friday shopping. her friend’s aunty owns a salon, and their stock was 20% off. i have been really into nail polish lately, and i wasn’t too sure why–until i saw this blog post that made me go “hmmm…”. that would explain why my inventory of nail polish suddenly doubled over the summer, and i already put in another order for more. except i didn’t know that’s why i did it. and who knows, maybe that’s not *why* i did it, but it’s fun to think of. i don’t wear lipstick at all but i do like to pretty up the nails every so often. lately it’s been a daily thing. so who knows?

anyway, i have different samples on my nails so i could see which one i wanted. and there was a series after the muppets and there was one that was named after this song of my childhood. i remember doing this song in summer fun, so the lyrics were firmly implanted in the recesses of my brain. now that i think about it (it didn’t bother me back then), i think it is kinda strange to have a frog singing this song? there’s a much deeper meaning here, and it seems wasted on a frog–especially one who whined that it’s not easy being green.

“who said that every wish / would be heard and answered / when wished on the morning star / somebody thought of that / and someone believed it / look what it’s done so far / what’s so amazing / that keeps us star-gazing / and what do we think we might see?”

do do do do do do do

got to thanksgiving dinner a bit early (actually, on time, but with my family, it’s considered early) and got to spend some quality time with my grandma. it pains me to see how decrepit she’s become, and she does like to compare (your skin is so smooth, mine is wrinkly; you’re filled out, I’m just a bag of bones; you have long, lush hair, mine is scraggly; on and on). her hearing is going, and she moves so slowly. but we got to sit and watch jeopardy together, just like we did when I was student teaching at the school across the street from her house. I’d pick her up after school and drive her home and I’d kill time there ’til after traffic died down. the one thing we’d do is sit and watch jeopardy! together, and she’d wow me with all she knew. it was exactly the same today! we sat there and though she said I probably knew every answer, she got every one. she’s still sharp! anyway it was a nice way to spend some time with her and relive that, especially in a time where I’m feeling all melancholy and wanting to turn back the years.

I don’t know if there are any words to the song but imagine the jeopardy! theme here: “do do do do do do do, do do do do do do do do do do, do do do do do do do, do do do do do do do!”

let it happen

i was reading through some autocorrect stuffs and one had lyrics of oh oh oh oh oh oh ah oh or something like that and i remember thinking hey i know that song. funny though cuz it’s just that one or two words over and over and over. but that song became stuck in my head ALL day today because i read that last night. and i had no idea who sang it–i thought it was ke$ha and when i looked it up, i couldn’t believe it. they make her voice so robotic now. she had a lovely voice while in mmc. but i guess it’s all screwed up now from smoking. ’tis a shame. anyway, that danceable beat and lyrics were just going through my mind allll day. i hope it comes out soon.

“see the sunlight, we aint stoppin / keep on dancing til the world ends / if you feel it let it happen / keep on dancing til the world ends”

just come and set me free

ugh. there was a song going ’round and ’round my head all day, and i even thought, hey, this would be a good thing to write about when i get home. and then! my old age has set in and i can’t even remember it!!!! my gosh, my memory is getting so bad. i used to be so good at these types of things. bah.

while shopping for a project we’re doing tomorrow, i did hear the current song that’s running around my head. it’s not the one i wanted to write about though! i can’t even think what it was! grr. anyway, when i first heard this song, i was amazed that this was the same little girl i used to watch on mmc. but i guess this was tame compared to her second album! heeheehee

“my body’s saying let’s go / but my heart is saying no / if you wanna be with me / i can make your wish come true / just come and set me free baby / and i’ll be with you”

we live and learn from our mistakes

this song has just been going through my mind ever since i heard a snippet of it while fast-forwarding through some songs. it’s funny because i really wasn’t sure about the words, but i just grunted along, and that grunt is what i heard throughout my head. anyway, i just marvel at how some people make mistakes and brush them off like nothing. i tend to look back at my mistakes and wonder where in the world i went wrong and how i can improve and what i should do next time etc etc etc, and other people–it doesn’t even phase them. so interesting how people are.

“now i believe there comes a time / when everything just falls in line / we live and learn from our mistakes / the deepest cuts are healed by faith”

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