you better shape up

i always have songs running around in my head, so i’ve decided i’m going to blog about whatever song it is that is floating around in my head and the story behind it. boring, yes. but same as all my other stuff.

anyway i have been increasingly frustrated at my colleagues. not all of them–just a select few. and on my drive home, i was reflecting on the why. why do these select few bother me so much? i wondered if it was because they’re better at their job than i am, but i don’t think that’s the case–i got along very well with others who were far, far, far ahead of me in terms of efficiency. i was never bitter with them, but instead would seize the chance to learn something new. so it can’t be that. because i do get jealous. but this doesn’t seem to be the reason…

i don’t know. anyway i was just trying to think about it all the way home and the lyrics kept repeating in my mind: “I better shape up / if I’m gonna prove / that my fate is justified.” in fact, that kept repeating so much that I totally forgot it was called “You’re the One that I Want.” 🙂 i just kept thinking, gosh, i better stop this bitter train i’m riding on and figure out what’s going on so i can put a stop to it. or just shape up and stop being so precious about things.

who knows.


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