all the single ladies

just came back from my little cousin’s wedding. so amazed, i remember her as a little baby, then i really didn’t see her again until her high school graduation, because that family moved away. now she’s all grown up and married. life took her down a path we all didn’t expect, but she looks happy, and that’s what matters.

they had the typical garter and bouquet throwing thing. when they were ready to throw the bouquet, they played “single ladies.” my niece asked me if i was going up, and i was like, no way. i mean, i wouldn’t have even gone up at half my age, just because i think it’s degrading, but now?!?! who wants an old woman like me? i began to long to be young again, and it put a damper on the whole rest of the evening. especially since i realized that those that are that age just don’t realize it yet, just like i didn’t, at that age. but that really is the time of your life. it all goes downhill after that. seeing my dad looking so much older. seeing my grandma look more frail and going on about how old she is and doesn’t have much time left. it just made for a very somber evening on a day that was supposed to be filled with happiness. and all these young ones won’t realize it until 20 years from now, maybe at my child’s own wedding. and i’ll be feeling even worse then. if i’m still around.

for such an upbeaty song, it sure put me in a mood!

“…pull me into your arms / say i’m the one you want / if you don’t, you’ll be alone / and like a ghost I’ll be gone…”


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