why won’t you answer me?

this song goes around in my head this night, only because it was playing in the background as they interviewed the ravens players after the game. i first heard the song on glee, on an episode called “original songs,” so i thought the whole episode was going to have only original songs, so when i heard this one, i was like, wow. that’s pretty good for an original song. 🙂 then when talking with my sister a couple of weeks later, she told me, no, it was a real song. she then pulled out her phone and played the song for me. i then looked it up on youtube and was kinda put off by the music video, which was kinda violent (i was watching it with my son, so that made it even worse). but it’s a song i’ll repeat often to my son, when he doesn’t answer my questions. 🙂

“why won’t you answer me? / the silence is slowly killing me”


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