you’re old enough to know better

my dad would *always* sing this song if one of us was crying, especially if it was tears because you didn’t get what you wanted. (note: this was most often sung to my little sister. i knew i’d never get what i wanted!) so when my child was showing tears of frustration at his homework, this song sprung into my head, and i began to wonder if there really was such a song, or if my dad made it up. so i look online and was surprised to see it was sung by the beatles. i went on to youtube to hear what the song sounded like (it sounded different from how my dad sang it–he slowed it down a bit, it seems). and while listening to the song, i scrolled down to the comments section, as i always do, and started reading them. there was one commenter who was going on about a conspiracy theory of paul’s death. now i remember when i was little, hearing of this, because i remember once, my parents pulled out the albums and were looking for the “clues” and pointing them out to each other. i didn’t really understand, but i remember them doing that. then, when john lennon was killed, and the video for “all those years ago” came out, they started talking about the end scene where everyone had a red rose boutonnière, but paul’s was black. i wanted to know more, but in those days, we had no internet, so the only way i found out things was pestering my parents until they answered. so my mom pulled out the albums again and showed me things, and my dad told me about how if the records were played backwards, there were hidden messages, and i wondered why the beatles would do something like that when it was obvious he was still alive (“ebony and ivory” was popular at that time). but that’s really how far it went–i never knew of any feud, i never knew of any conspiracy theories–all i knew was that he was once a part of the beatles, whom my dad would play every once in a while. i don’t even think i understood, at the time, how *big* the beatles were. i just knew they were an “olden day” music group, which young pre-teens as myself would roll their eyes at.

anyway, a few months ago (or maybe it’s been a year or so), i happened to be reading about something–oh, i think it was a sporcle game about who the lyrics of a song is talking about, and one of the answers was john lennon, about paul mccartney, and it was not too flattering! so i remember thinking, huh? i thought they got along fabulously! weren’t there tons of lennon-mccartney songs out there? so i looked the song, and through following links, found out about the feud. i read it with some sadness, knowing that, well, one of them is not here any more, so the “feud” wasn’t really resolved. but i learned a great deal about that.

so, yesterday, i see that comment about the conspiracy theory to cover up paul’s death. since i remembered my parents talking about it, i thought it would be fun to see what was said, and see pictures of the album covers, and see the clues, and all that. what i did not expect is how *much* info is out there! one site has 376 documented clues!!! i soon dug deeper and deeper, and i actually got so scared, i had to turn all the lights on (i had gone to almost midnight, searching and reading!). some of the pictures really creeped me out, too. i mean, there’s just so much there that it can’t be coincidence…can it? i kinda think john them were intelligent enough to play along with this and put things in to string people along. but is it real? i mean, there is paul mccartney, singing and marrying. but then i read that there’s a look-a-like, and he even had plastic surgery which explains the bruised red noses paul seems to be sporting in a lot of the comics, and … ??? wow. my mind was blown. i know people cover things up (i agree with some of the others theories re the palins, the cruises, etc.) so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. i keep telling myself that oh, that’s just lennon them having fun at everyone’s expense. but there’s a gnawing feeling…i just don’t know. and it’s creeping me out, for some weird reason…

yet, i’m going to go back and read more, after this. *sigh* sometimes the internet is *not* so good.

“cry baby cry / you make your mother sigh / you’re old enough to know better / so cry baby cry”


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