too much

i was actually going to write about not really having any song in my head all day–it’s just been one of those days where you’re just kinda don’t have an extra minute to think about things or have a song playing around in your head. after an emotional meeting today, i just rode home in silence, the words of the meeting echoing over and over in my head. no song.

but for some reason, just as i pressed “new post” this song popped in to my mind. now i have been reading those conspiracy theories of the beatles and i guess the whole death thing has got me thinking morbid thoughts again. and then this song. yes, i do need to fill up my time so i stop looking at other things which lead me down the path to depression. i don’t know what it means, that it jumped into my head–i mean, it is a depressing song, in a way. but now i can’t get it out!!!

“i’ve got too much time on my hands / ticking away with my sanity…”


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