if you take our eggs we’re never gonna stop

i got super-addicted to this game earlier this year when i was in the hospital and tried to get my mind off of things. my son had always had this game because he loves birds, and i would always criticize the game, saying how junk it was, that i didn’t understand its appeal. why are they launching themselves into the pigs’ homes, and basically committing suicide? how is that going to get your eggs back? and what good is getting your eggs back if you’re dead? i would always ask my son those questions and he’d just emphasize how good the game was.

well, then i find myself having to go in. i had played and finished all the game apps on my phone and was looking for something to do. since it was always in the top 25 list, usually at 1 or 2, i decided, well, let me try it. so i downloaded the free version of the first two games (rio came a bit later). and i got HOOKED. seriously. next thing you know, i was buying the full version of the original, seasons, and rio. i played and played and played. then i went back and got 3 stars on everything. then i went back and found the golden eggs / fruit. i’m serious–i was so obsessed.

and then. wah. i got a new phone, and transferred things over, only to find that all the data is still on my old phone, so i HAVE TO START FROM SCRATCH. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i was so darn frustrated! you know how many times i tried a level over and over and over and only got 2 stars, and 99 times later, i finally got lucky and just barely got the 3rd star? now i have to do that all over again?!?!?!?!?!? MY GOODNESS.

so i didn’t even play it for a while. i was just so upset at my lost progress.

but…i decided to try again. i’m only on the first chapter, still, because now i’m trying to get 3 stars on the first try. so every time i see that i’m not going to make it, RESET! 🙂 so it’s taking me a long while, and my frustrations are coming back as there are a few levels already that, i swear, i’ve done over 50 times already. and i haven’t even opened up seasons or rio yet. eesh. we’ll see how long this takes me!

but their rap song is stuck in my head!!! 😛

“And we’re launchin’ / And we’re crashin’ / Let’s hit the pigs ’til they all go pop / We’re the best birds / But we’re angry / If you take our eggs / We’re never gonna stop / Every theme and level we will get three stars and set you straight
/ Maybe find a golden egg and win until the next update”


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