she’ll see i’m not so tough

okay. i was in a rotten mood. again, i’m feeling overlooked at work. they absolutely fawn over my co-worker, and think she’s the most awesome person alive. and she eats it up. she takes a lot of my ideas and passes them off as her own. she’ll tell me she thinks it’s stupid, or it won’t work, and then she turns around and uses them, and everyone praises her about how smart she is and how great she is and how innovative she is and wow she’s just the best thing since sliced bread, while i sit there thinking, “i’ve been doing *that* for ages, and no one says anything to me!” so, again, once more, i was sitting at the end of a meeting, filling out the evaluation, when the boss comes over and sits next to my co-worker and goes on and on about how brilliant she is, and how everyone just adores her, and they’ll fight to come to her rescue, and i get sick and stand up and leave, feeling sorry for myself, and a bit jealous, i guess. i mean, i don’t ever get any encouraging words from the boss. ever. i’m hardly even acknowledged for existing. so, yes, i’m jealous about the attention, and annoyed that she tells me my ideas are crap, then turns around and uses them and gets the praise. bleah.

so i drove home feeling very rotten. and i get home and decide to drown my sorrows and self-pity on the web. so i look over facebook to see what my cousins are up to, and my cousin who just got married posted a clip from a recent episode of glee. now, while last season, i had been really into glee, and would wait until it was posted online just to watch it (no working tv in the house), this season…eh. i haven’t been into it. i haven’t even watched a full episode yet. so i didn’t know they sang the song my cousin posted. i was intrigued as to how it sounded, so i clicked on it and listened, and it was beautiful. then in the related videos column to the side, i saw a video that made me perk up–again, it must be from this season, since i didn’t know they sang it. and when i clicked on it, i was so happy to see it was done by the warblers! i ♥ the warblers! i just love that kind of a cappella singing. maybe it was because we had a lot of choral practices when i was younger, but i love that sound of all these voices blending together to make a beautiful harmony, which the normal glee cast doesn’t do that much of. i mean, they do, but it’s not as nice sounding as the warblers. so i was so happy to see that it was done by the warblers, even if my favorite, blaine, was not a part of them (although he was there! he really needs to go back!). and it just changed my mood! i played that clip several times, and it just put me in such a joyous state. not only do i like those songs from that era, it reminds me of the video, and i was just glued to mtv as a child, back when they still played music, so it takes me back to happier times. oh oh…now i’m starting to think about how old i’m getting, so i better change the subject. but it was just so happy, and watching it over and over…even though it’s kinda creepy that they’re “stalking” and “serenading” a *teacher*. but i don’t know. it’s just so *squee*! although i do love the original version better–the lead’s vocals is too high or something–i still like this one. it just makes me happy. 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

“you know i can’t afford to buy her pearls / but maybe one day when my ship comes in / she’ll understand what kind of guy i’ve been / and then i’ll win / … she’ll see i’m not so tough / just because / i’m in love …” (cue the motorcycle revving) 😉


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