where do we go now

i have to admit i spent most of yesterday in a panic. i’ve been getting specific pains that have been scaring me, and i think it put me into a really depressing mood. i started to try and take my mind off all those depressing thoughts, but i just couldn’t. so what’s the best way to do it? a visit home. 🙂

we had to go into town anyway because i have very picky animals who only eat a certain type of food from a particular pet store. but afterwards we stopped by my home and it just so happened my sister was there with her kids. so we hung out and it was nice–talking about work, school, everything. both of their husbands were at work, so it was just us sisters hanging out and talking. it really put me out of my depressed mood, and i soon forgot all about my pains.

we ended up spending the night (whoops, sorry, pets) and it was a nice day. then i came home, and the thoughts started again. *sigh* luckily, it’s a short week, and i’ll see them soon. 🙂

anyway, we were pondering about this song–is it about the singer’s child, or a girlfriend/wife/SO? i looked it up on wikipedia and was surprised to read about how it came about. the circus theme ended up being the #1 guitar riff. funny how things happen that way. 😀

“where do we go now / where do we go now / where do we go”


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