just come and set me free

ugh. there was a song going ’round and ’round my head all day, and i even thought, hey, this would be a good thing to write about when i get home. and then! my old age has set in and i can’t even remember it!!!! my gosh, my memory is getting so bad. i used to be so good at these types of things. bah.

while shopping for a project we’re doing tomorrow, i did hear the current song that’s running around my head. it’s not the one i wanted to write about though! i can’t even think what it was! grr. anyway, when i first heard this song, i was amazed that this was the same little girl i used to watch on mmc. but i guess this was tame compared to her second album! heeheehee

“my body’s saying let’s go / but my heart is saying no / if you wanna be with me / i can make your wish come true / just come and set me free baby / and i’ll be with you”


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