somebody thought of that and someone believed it

my sister was crazy enough to go black friday shopping. her friend’s aunty owns a salon, and their stock was 20% off. i have been really into nail polish lately, and i wasn’t too sure why–until i saw this blog post that made me go “hmmm…”. that would explain why my inventory of nail polish suddenly doubled over the summer, and i already put in another order for more. except i didn’t know that’s why i did it. and who knows, maybe that’s not *why* i did it, but it’s fun to think of. i don’t wear lipstick at all but i do like to pretty up the nails every so often. lately it’s been a daily thing. so who knows?

anyway, i have different samples on my nails so i could see which one i wanted. and there was a series after the muppets and there was one that was named after this song of my childhood. i remember doing this song in summer fun, so the lyrics were firmly implanted in the recesses of my brain. now that i think about it (it didn’t bother me back then), i think it is kinda strange to have a frog singing this song? there’s a much deeper meaning here, and it seems wasted on a frog–especially one who whined that it’s not easy being green.

“who said that every wish / would be heard and answered / when wished on the morning star / somebody thought of that / and someone believed it / look what it’s done so far / what’s so amazing / that keeps us star-gazing / and what do we think we might see?”


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