hmm. there used to be an area where you could see the writing prompts that wordpress would give so you knew what to write. but i just can’t find it?!?! i’ve looked at every single little menu option thingie and i can’t find it, when i know i just saw it on thursday. do they not do prompts on weekends, and if so, why does everyone do that? are we supposed to already know what to write on the weekends? and if it pops up AFTER i already publish this one, then what’s the use in that? it should be before i publish, so i know what to write! i know i saw it yesterday BEFORE i hit “new post” because i remember thinking oh! okay i will do that when on the weekends when there is no prompt over at nablopomo. but i can’t find it now???!?!

well i will go write something more proper later, i guess. but right now i have to get ready.

***edit: hmm, no, it did not show up after i press the publish button. where did it go?!?



  1. I wish I could help! My blog is self-hosted so I don’t see those at all. I think BlogHer has prompts on their NaBlo page.

    • malia Said:

      thanks, Stacie! I’ve been using the BlogHer prompts, but they only post prompts M-F, so was looking for a prompt for the weekends. I could’ve sworn I’d seen some on WP! 😛 Oh well!

  2. Bee Said:

    Here’s a pretty good link for prompts:

    Hope that helps!

    • malia Said:

      wow! thanks for that link, Bee! i shall make good use of it this month! 😀 thanks again!

      • Bee Said:

        You’re welcome! 🙂

  3. Kiki Said:

    That is so cool! I wish I could have done robotics, though I know I would have sucked. Maybe I’ll make my kids do it. I don’t really make them do stuff, so I’ll just hope they like it.

    • malia Said:

      Mechanical things have always fascinated me, so I think I would’ve loved it if those things existed when I was growing up! 🙂 And I love challenges and puzzles, which is what the robotics is kinda like–you have to get this little robot thingie to do what you want it to, and if it doesn’t work, you have to figure out how to get around it. Frustrating, but I like the challenge. I hope your kids enjoy it!

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