my son competed in his first robotics tournament yesterday.

wooo. it was all over my head, really. i had no idea what they were doing. i’d watch the screens and not know what is going on. it looked like they were just bumping into things and pushing things around, but then i’d hear the parents around us cheer and see the teams high-fiving each other, and i’d think, wait, what happened? heehee. i was clueless.

but what an experience it was. the team worked hard, every day after school. they researched for their projects on two days, and worked on their robots the other two-three days. they worked for sometimes up to four hours at a time! on the day before the tournament, they worked for six hours straight! my son was at school for thirteen and a half hours! i just could not believe the dedication these kids had, as well as their advisor, giving up her afternoons and evenings to give these kids a valuable experience!

i was actually kinda sad, because i had not seen my son for weeks as they were getting ready for the tournament. his team would meet right after school and stay until late, so he’d miss the bus home, and my mom (who lives nearby) would go and pick him up. he’d just spend the night there, which was good for him, because then he wouldn’t have to wake up as early as he’d have to here to catch the morning bus. but i missed him! i also began wallowing in the fact that he is growing up and off to do his own things and not need me as much as before. that’s always a hurtful realization parents come to, i guess. i just keep thinking, he’s still in elementary, though! not even in middle school yet! aiyiyi.

the day of the tournament was one full of jitters. i kinda think us parents were more jittery than the kids were, though. my son admitted being nervous, but he didn’t show it. i think i was more nervous! we didn’t get to stay for the presentations, so i’m not sure what was going on in there, but we were there for the head-to-head matches, and like i said above, wow. i just did not know what was going on. how some teams were able to get points, and some weren’t. i didn’t know what to look for. my son explained some of it afterwards to me, but still…wow. i just think it’s so cool that they can get the little robot to move around like that 🙂 much less have to accomplish missions.

i also love, love, love the fact that the team has to learn how to work together (since my son isn’t into sports, and is an only child, this is one area he lacks in!) AND problem-solve–if it doesn’t work, you need to go back and figure out what went wrong and try it another way. i love that! i told my son many times that i wish we had a robotics team when i was in school. i would’ve loved it! these lessons that the kids are learning are oh so valuable, and i thank their advisor tremendously for all the work and time she put in with these kids, and bringing such a great program to our kids’ school. i hope it will be able to continue because it was such a wonderful time!!! i’m kinda sad it’s over already, heehee, but am happy to have my son back, too, with more problem-solving and people skills. yay!



  1. I have never heard of a robotics tournament! Sounds like a great team building event. Glad you have him back now 🙂

    • malia Said:

      Thanks, Stacie! Yeah, the tournament really focuses on working together as a team, which is always a valuable lesson to learn. It’s just hard for me to adjust not having him here! 🙂

  2. I love robotics and legos and that whole world. I think it’s a great way to think about science and math, as well as team building and imagination building. Basically, it’s all good. My kids love that stuff – and even though it means that their increased expertise means they’re “leaving me behind,” I’m so impressed by what they can do, that it’s (almost) okay!

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