what can i say?

sigh! i’ve had a very long day that was compounded by a very long, frustrating meeting. i think i was one of the last to leave, and it was pitch black out when i left (there aren’t very many lights around where i work). i was still very irritated with what had happened earlier, and i was also feeling very down on myself.

so what did i do?

on my drive back, i had to play this song. i know that i’m not the intended audience but maaaaan something about this song just makes me soooo happy. i soon forget how irritated i am, and i am able to arrive home in a much happier mood. 🙂



  1. Aw, sorry about all that. It’s so great how a song can just lift your mood (at least a little)! Love it!

  2. Vanessa Said:

    Anything that can help you disconnect from work and engage to home is a good thing.

  3. malia Said:

    yes, nothing cheers me up like a little music! 🙂

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