it’s funny how things work out sometimes.

i always feel guilty about the things my son has (or, really, DOESN’T have). it’s just me and him; i don’t get financial help from anyone, but i do all right on my own. it’s just particularly difficult with a job that requires me to spend a lot of my own money on supplies and resources. not that i’m complaining–i’m happy to have a job, at least–but it’s just to explain that with those job expenses and my mortgage and car loan, there’s not much left for extra things. this contrasts greatly with my sister whose husband has a great paying job. she wouldn’t even have to work, i wouldn’t think, since he makes good money, but she does. so this equates to them having a lot–a huge house, new cars practically every year, all the latest gadgets and toys. they seriously have one whole room just dedicated to toys for their kids. it’s just so great to go visit them, and then really eye-opening to come home to my own little, cramped house, where we still have an old tv (the big, bulky kind, never mind flat-screen!) and a mismatch of furniture that was handed-down from others. my son has never complained, but sometimes i wonder if he secretly wishes for a different life.

anyway, to add to the contrasts–my sister has taken her family on trips every year: san diego, los angeles, las vegas, orlando, chicago, the outer islands. several times, my nieces were only 2, 3 months old, and they got to fly all over the place. meanwhile, i finally got to take my son on the airplane for the first time last year–when he was 10. each one of my sister’s children have their own ipads and ipod touches. even the 2 year old! and her older kids all have their own iphones. my son–well, let’s just say that when we visit, he spends a LOT of time on their devices, because he has none of his own. and his mobile phone, which is for emergencies only, since he has to catch the bus and walk home alone, is just an old flip-phone that doesn’t even have a full keyboard for texting. (remember those? haha!)

so, again (sorry, i’m wordy), i was feeling guilty. for his birthday three months ago, i decided i’d ask my sisters and parents to all chip in, and we’d get him his own ipod touch. so everyone did, and i was set to order it for him when i noticed the rumors (while researching) that a new ipod touch was going to be making an appearance in september. my son’s birthday was in august, but when i let him know of the plan, he said he was willing to wait a few more weeks to see what the new ipod would be like. so we waited until they finally debuted the new ipod touch (along with the iphone 5) on september 12. woo! my son really liked it, so we were all set to order one, though it said it would not be ready until october. i asked him if he was willing to wait another month, and he said, yes, it was worth the wait. however, the new ipod touch was about $100 more than the one i was going to get him was. so i told him that it’d have to be a combination birthday/christmas present, with everyone chipping in for birthday and christmas. he wasn’t too happy, but he really wanted it, so he finally said, fine. he was willing to wait.

well, just before it would be ready to order, the ipad mini was announced. i asked him if he would like to have the ipad mini instead. it was just $30 more, but it would be bigger, and he wouldn’t lose it. he didn’t want it–he wanted the ipod touch. i told him to at least try to see the ipad mini first–i didn’t want to order the ipod touch, and then he sees the mini and wishes he got that instead. he was kinda upset, as he really wanted *something*, and kept insisting that the ipod touch was fine, because the ipad was too big and heavy. i pointed out that the ipod touch could get lost easily (and things do get lost easily in his room), and because he likes to draw, i would’ve thought the bigger screen would have been easier to manipulate than the smaller screen would. but he didn’t want to wait. he wanted something now! and what was available now was the ipod touch.

so came a lesson in patience. i told him to just wait. he waited this long anyway, why not wait another week (when the ipad mini was to hit the stores)? then he could just hold it in his hands, see how it feels, and THEN decide. rather than make the rash decision to get it and then have buyer’s remorse when he sees his cousins playing with theirs (which you know they’ll eventually get), might as well just wait. he pouted a bit, but he really had no choice. i was the one with the credit card. 😛

the next week, after his robotics tournament, we stopped by the apple store to check out the ipad mini. i knew they would’ve been sold out, seeing as it was only released the day before, but i thought if he could at least hold one, and then he can make a comparison between that one and the ipod, and then decide without regret. so we went in, and there was a huge crowd around the ipad mini table, but we finally got to get close and hold one in our hands. he liked it. so i said to ask the associate if they had any in stock, and as i figured, they didn’t. so then he changes his mind and said he wants the ipod touch. i said just because they don’t have the ipad? and he says, yes. i just want something. i was going to lecture him again about the underprivileged, but then i thought of all my nieces, and saw all the other little kids that were around the ipad mini table and realized that this was his chance to be like them. so i told him if he was sure, to go ask the associate for the ipod touch.

unfortunately, they were out of that, too. he was so disappointed. when i got home, i checked online and told him i could order it, but it would not come until november 30. and then, i said, we might as well wait for black friday, because there might be some sort of discount–before shutting up, realizing that i keep pushing back his gift! but you know? ugh! these retailers drive me crazy!

but then i remembered what my sister had to do to get her iPhone. so i checked every night at 10pm to see if they had either in stock. and they didn’t. not saturday night, not sunday night. on monday night–hey! they had both in stock! and what was good was that i was off on tuesday, so i would be able to go pick it up. however, my son was already asleep so i couldn’t ask him which one he really preferred. so i waited until morning to ask, but by then it was too late. they were out of stock, of both. i could not believe it. by now, my son was saying he wanted the mini, and he was willing to wait as i checked day by day to see if they had it, instead of me just ordering it and not getting it until november 30. so i kept checking. tuesday night, nothing. wednesday night i missed because i was so tired that i fell asleep waiting, and when i checked in the morning, it was too late. thursday night, i checked, and to my surprise, it was in stock! only thing, it was not in stock in the store that is closest to my home, but the one that has absolutely NO parking because it’s smack dab in tourist city, and the only parking around is reserved for hotel guests. BUT! the great thing was i was going to the heart of tourist city the following day because of a workshop!! so i was going to be there, anyway! i could not believe my luck!!! i had to admit that had it not been for that workshop, if i saw it was available at that store, i would not have bought it, because of the parking situation, and i have no one to drive me and drop me off there. but i was going to be there anyway! so i quickly ordered it. and on my lunch break the next day, i made the 20-minute walk to the store to pick it up. i finally had it in my hands! although that took up my whole lunch break (by the time i got back to the hotel where my workshop was, lunch hour was over), i was so thrilled to finally have it in my hands, and to finally be able to hand it to my son, who was so happy. finally!

i’m just still so surprised how it worked out like that. it’s not like i go to tourist central every week to go to workshops–the last time i went to one was 5 years ago. and i was signed up for this one back in august, so to know it would coincide so nicely with the timing of all this craziness just to get one was serendipity, i have to admit.

it’s just that now i’m broke, and my son will not have any more new things or go on any other trips for another 5 years!!! 😛 ah well, he is so full of gratitude that he is often checking in on me to make sure i don’t need anything, and offering to do this and that, and doing stuff without being told, so that’s a nice gift for me, as well. 😀

would it be too much to ask serendipity to smile my way again and grant me a super rich husband? 😉



  1. mizyank Said:

    I love this post. When your son reaches adulthood he may remember what he didn’t have in his childhood, in which case he should thank you because that’s the stuff that bestselling memoirs seem to be made of. 🙂 But it’s so obvious that you’re giving him everything that really matters, in unlimited quantities. (For what it’s worth, in my experience serendipity is a fickle, stingy b&^tard. Ahem.)

    • malia Said:

      Hahaha! Thanks! Yes, I wonder about the novel that is lurking beneath, waiting to come out when he’s an adult! 😉
      Thanks again!

  2. Bee Said:

    I’m so glad it turned out well! But I think the most important thing that your son received was learning that instant gratification won’t always get you what you want. It was great that he waited to try out the mini. And I believe that sort of patience is something your son will have that your sister’s kids may not. Patience, as they say, is a virtue 🙂

    • malia Said:

      Thanks! That’s true. His cousins are used to getting things when they demand it, whether it be a physical object, or something as simple as what to watch on TV. Just learning to deal with that has been a lesson on patience with my son! 😛

  3. I’m glad it all worked out! What great patience for a 10 year old.

    • malia Said:

      Thanks! It was just pure luck that the store that happened to be the nearest to my workshop had it in stock!

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