prompt 9

i’ve lost track of these prompt #s! ha!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Tell us about the best meal you ever cooked.

i’m just an okay cook. i can tell you the worst meal i ever made! too-sweet baked spaghetti that turned out so awful that all my dinner guests made a run for mcdonalds within 10 minutes (not even joking there. 😦 really hurt my feelings! although i didn’t blame them, because it was a mess. but ouch!). i did manage to get better and could make a pretty amazing marinara a few years after that (my grandma even asked me to make her a whole jar the next time i made a batch, so there!), but i’ve lost that recipe and don’t know how to recreate it. oh! i once made these deliciously devil brownies–so yummy but so, so bad for you (aren’t they always, though?). but i guess that’s not a meal. i guess i really don’t know what as the “best”–i can think of things that turned out pretty good, but i’m not good enough to make the “best.” unless it was already prepared by someone else and me reheating it counts as “cooking” it! 😀



  1. Bee Said:

    I’m with you there! The best meals I ever make are the ones my husband cooks! 😀

  2. Practice makes perfect! But somehow it’s easier to enjoy when someone else cooks.

    • malia Said:

      yes, i agree. i just can’t understand how things go together (taste-wise). so i really rely on someone else making things for me to go oooohhhh! 🙂

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