prompt 11

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Tell us about your favourite pet.

i’ve had many pets, but my favorite one of all was my first chinchilla. he was discounted at the pet store because he had a patch of fur missing from his leg, but that was such a bargain for the pet i got. he was so friendly. i thought it was just a pitch the pet shop worker was telling me to get me to buy him, but he seriously was the most friendly of all the chinchillas i’ve ever had (and i’ve had 11 of them). he would sit on my shoulder and ride around like that as i walked around the house (try and get one to sit still for any amount of time! it’s worse when you’re moving!). he would actually come when i called his name, so he was allowed full run of the house (unlike my current ones who hide, and it takes me hours just to catch them). he would let my kids put their hands all over him and be totally patient with that. but most of all, when i was going through a pretty rough breakup, sobbing uncontrollably, he’d jump up on my shoulder, rest his paw on my cheek, and nibble at my nose (their sign of affection) and lick away my tears. maybe he just liked salt, heehee. but it was so consoling. he seemed to know when i needed it. or maybe he thought, hey! free salt! 🙂 who knows? but he was the best one i ever had, and i was completely heartbroken when he died. he was a fighter, that one–had been through many vet visits, but always came out happier than ever, so when he finally did succumb, after 10 years of being a part of my life, i was in shock. and i was so, so heartbroken. i still have a picture of him on my television set, and it still brings tears to my eyes everytime i look at it, even though it’s been 9 years. i’ve had many after him, but none of them measured up to the first. 🙂

which is not something i can say about the men in my life… 😛


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  1. Bee Said:

    Awww…he was so sweet! I really believe pets can sense when something is wrong in our lives and can be there to help, even if it’s by simply showing affection.

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