stage 4

my grandma is only expected to live 6-12 months more, with treatment. however, she is refusing all treatments because, as she says, it won’t cure her. we’re all pretty upset, but what can you do? my grandma is stubborn. and she’s also very depressing as she talks of things. she had always been very self-deprecating, but it had gotten pretty bad in the past couple of years. it just brings a tinge of sadness with everything she says and i cannot help but have a few tears roll down my cheeks, which only makes it worse, to her. i don’t blame her, though. i’d be totally depressed myself, and very reminiscent of the past, and full of regret for what hasn’t happened.

these are one of times i wish i was stronger emotionally.



  1. I’m really sorry about your grandma. I hope you can be with her a lot in the coming days.

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