i really don’t know what else to say about the theme! eesh! these weekends w/o prompts are going to be hard.

i have always been a sort of romantic. i would get swept up in those love stories and dream of a time where maybe i could be like the damsel in distress, being rescued by her knight in shining armor. i loved unicorns and fairies and all those things, and i was in my own little dream world.

after being through a lot of heartbreak, a lot of almost, and a lot of “if only”s, i think my perspective has been hardened a bit. i tend to roll my eyes when people gush about their significant others. but a good romantic story still turns me into mush. i still want the fantasy, but i guess part of me also knows that’s just what it is–a fantasy. and as i age, i begin to realize that i’m not going to be one of those lucky ones that do find their knight in shining armor. i’m just one of those dreamers.


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