prompt 3

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
How old were you the first time you fell in love?

gosh, there were so many times where i thought i knew what love was, but subsequent loves taught me otherwise. i know this sounds cliche, but i don’t think i truly understood love until i had my child. that whole i’d-do-anything-for-you feeling just never came into play with any of the men in my life. i mean, i’d do stuff i’d normally object to for them, but not the whole…you know, more like i’ll give my life for you. i don’t think i’d ever want to do that with any of the men i’ve been with! :/

but since this is love and sex i guess i’d have to look at those guys and see when it was exactly. i don’t think it was until i was like…24 or so. my previous boyfriends, i thought i was in love with. but when i was 24 i was with a guy that taught me that wow, those previous ones, as well as i, knew nothing about love. it was just so much more than i thought. and, for some reason, when we split, it did not hurt as much as the others did. maybe it wasn’t love, then. ha! but i think it was — mature love, and knowing when to let go and being happy that he’s happier with someone else.

i think.


eta: this is my 600th post! woot! 😀


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